B-Boy Championships

Candy (USA)

New York native Candy Bloise has been dancing since she could walk. She grew up in Washington Heights surrounded by culture and a variety of people. She quickly found her passion for Breaking and performance during high school. She was part of the high school's Jazz Choir, Musical Theatre group and started to compete all over the USA at the age of seventeen. During high school she was featured in People magazine, the New Yorker and was invited on the Sharon Osbourne show as a special guest. After high school she continued her studies and perusing performance opportunities. She graduated from Philadelphia Community College with an Associate's Degree with the highest honours and won numerous titles including the UK champs 3 on3 B-girl Battle Winner. Candy has also taught various workshops throughout the UK and Europe. In 2013 she concluded her "find your flava" workshop tour in Frankfurt, Germany where she also judged alongside b-boy pioneers Poe One and Swift Rock. She continues to pursue performance and also appeared the in movie Step Up 3d and music videos. Candy is currently studying Drama at the University of Huddersfield. She continues to compete and in the past year has had the honour of judging various breaking competitions which include Floor Rippers(Uk), Manhattan Cypher(Germany) and Cypher Sessions(Belfast). She represents the Mighty Zulu Kweenz and Heartbreakerz.