B-Boy Championships

Menno (Holland)

Red Bull BC One All Star Menno Van Gorp has one of the most original styles on the breaking scene today. He is a dancer with heart, explosive energy and plenty of surprises. He is a master of smooth blow-ups, the mind-boggling moves that whip the audience into frenzy.

He started breaking around 2001. The first time he saw breaking was in the Run DMC video clip "It's Like That." He learned his first moves from his cousins and has been dancing ever since. Menno is an all-around B-Boy, making a living through working in shows, judging battles and teaching workshops. He has also delved into different aspects of dance, having created a solo show for theaters across his native The Netherlands. He is well respected for his painting and graphic design work, which he creates under the moniker Mennopoly. He hopes that Hip Hop will always be a part of his life and that he will be able to give back to the scene by teaching and organizing events.

For Menno, being a good B-Boy means being an all-round breaker with style, character and originality. "If you want to win a battle you have to give your all. You have to dance on beat, be original, be able to freestyle, and have the right attitude. As soon as I walk on stage I feel the stage is mine. I'm a very laid back person in everyday life, but whenever I dance, the beast comes out. I have a lot of respect for my opponents, but in a battle it's war!"

Career Highlights

  • 2005 1st place, IBE's Ultimate 1on1 Battle, Rotterdam, Holland
  • 2005 1st place, Temple Of Style, Paris, France
  • 2006 1st place, Hipnotik Solo, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2007 1st place, Outlaws International Solo, Roma, Italy
  • 2007 1st place, Outbreak Europe Solo, Rotterdam, Holland
  • 2007 1st place, UK World Champs Solo, London, UK
  • 2007 1st place, Circle Kingz 2on2, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • 2013, 1st Place, HIP OPsession, 1on1
  • 2013, 1st Place, UK BBoy Championships 201