B-Boy Championships

Valentine (France)

Valentine Nagata-Ramos was born in Japan to a Spanish mother and a Japanese father. She grew up in France under the influence of her Eastern and Western cultures. Inspired by Asian traditions and European modernism, she leads a career between choreography, battles and performances.

Attracted from a young age by dance, she turned to Breakdance in 1998. The public places and empty stations served as her playground before joining the first French hip-hop dance company, 'Blanc Beur'.

Valentine travelled widely from Paris to Rotterdam to Los Angeles. In 2004 She won at the Battle of the Year, as well as a victory at the We Bgirlz in 2007 and the title of best B-girl at the IBE in 2008. These victories built her international reputation and resulted in Valentine being asked to judge multiple hip-hop events around the world. At the same time, she continues her stage and dance experience for several renowned companies including Montalvo/Hervieu, par Terre, Farid Berki & 6ème Dimension. 

She founded her own company Uzumaki to choreograph her solo show, Sadako in 2011. This was followed by the duo, JE suis TOI in 2014 and the quartet :#MMIBTY in 2018/19 where she subtly combined the practice of Breaking with Voguing.

Anxious to pass on her knowledge and experience to the new generation, she teaches extensively. Sometimes during educational projects in the suburbs of Paris and sometimes abroad: Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and more, destinations that continue to feed her imagination and her constant search for movement.