B-Boy Championships

Line Up

The Beatbox Collective

The undefeated 2015 world beatbox champions - The Beatbox Collective (TBC).
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Breaking Crews

For many, the World Crew Battle is the main event of the B-Boy Championships. Once again, crews from all over the World will carry with them the pride of their Nations as they set out to take the title of ‘World’s best crew back home with them. Reputations have been made and lost here, so the stakes are always high, which makes the battling intense and truly compelling. Winning the World’s biggest battle only b-boy competition is arguably the most coveted achievement for any crew. For some it will only every be a dream but make no mistake, every crew comes to win.This year is set to be the best yet, featuring some of the ultimate crews in the game right now. There can be few spectacles as entertaining as the crew battles at the World Finals. So get ready to see an explosion of style and power with incredible routines and jaw dropping moves as they battle it out to become the World Crew Champions!

Registered Crews
The following crews are registered for the very first FULLY OPEN INTERNATIONAL CREW QUALIFIER.
Eight crews will be selected to go through to the World Finals.

World Solo B-Boy & B-Girl Battle

In every crew there’s always one dancer who stands out, their superstar. The solo battle offers up the floor exclusively for these breaking galacticos. None but the very best can take part. They are the gladiators of the floor, the sickest breakers from all over the globe battle it out, one on one, to establish who is the supreme b-boy.

Registered Solo B-Boys & B-Girls
The following dancers are registered for the very first FULLY OPEN INTERNATIONAL UNDISPUTED SOLO B-BOY QUALIFIER

Who will make it through to the World Finals? The countdown is on!


Presented by INDAHOUSE UK, The All Styles Battle is the place where all the different dance styles come together. The main purpose is to see which dancer of which dance style can adapt to the Indahouse music selection the best. Be ready for some amazing Popping, Hip Hop Freestyle, House-dance or whatever style the dancers want to get down with; all set to the hypest mix of the best Electronic Music including House, Grime, Drum & Bass, Broken Beat, Garage, Bassline!

Who will be the World's ultimate dancer?

The Beatbox Collective

The official 2015-2018 World Champions. Individually they have won almost every beatbox competition on the planet. Together, this vocal super group creates a wall of sound that simply has to be seen to be believed.

'How amazing was that? That was unbelievable' (Chris Evans).

'Featuring a team of the UK's top vocal artists, this is a show of mind-blowing sound, energy and beats not to be missed. 'If you didn't think you were a beatbox fan before, they will prove you wrong' (EdFestMag.com).

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